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Sometimes this crazy, technology-focused world scares me. At times, I find myself completely guilty of checking Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, REPEAT. It's times like that that I really question what mine + younger generations are really doing to ourselves. Is it harmful? I don't know. But then other times I see this world of mine as a place for so much more discovery. Without falling down the Instagram rabbit I was have never come across the stunning work of artist Juz Kitson.

Kitson is a ceramicist living in Sydney who creates beautiful (+ sometimes a bit sexual or creepy) using ceramics, feathers, wool, + other made or organic materials. Her work often alludes to the female + male form as well as other more animal-like traits.

Her work primarily takes the form of wall sculptures or hangings which require quite a bit of time + detail to prepare:

 I'm personally a fan of her all-white porcelain works like these two below. I would kill to have something like this in my front entry.

Allow yourself some Instagram indulgence + check out her feed HERE

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