find the right balance between spending + saving
i'm trying to get better about minimizing stuff + focusing on a few key investments. for me, this primarily refers to items + improvements to my home. in 2016 i want to hire painters, cover newly painted walls with some kind of shelving, buy a new headboard, + if i'm really a good girl maybe get myself a new computer. those are the four big ticket items this year. i want to focus on saving my money for future dreams instead of wasting it on instant gratification

more activities that make me feel strong + powerful
it's crazy how something so relatively easy can be so hard to do at times. one aspects of this involves more writing + creating. i felt like such an observer in 2015. my goal for 2016 is to work more at having a voice + a perspective on things. additionally, what is new year resolution without at least one fitness goal? i actually enjoy working out if i can get my booty to the gym + absolutely nothing makes me feel more powerful than crushing yoga poses. 2016 is the year i show up.

make the most out of my alone time
i'm a bit of a loner by nature. in my early twenties it was harder for me to accept but now i'm super cool with it. i don't want to waste these precious moments watching television or browsing the web. i want to do more exploring (maybe even in another city), practice meditation, you get the drift.

bring music back into my life
it never technically left it but 2015 was definitely an off year for me. i think i was just running around so much during my week days that my normal routine of listening to music wasn't as accessible as it used to be. i want to do a better job of discovering new sounds that i don't normally hear.

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