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Dennis Dodson at Gallery D!
Kinetic Interlude 18"x24"

Growing up, I have always loved art, and specifically, art history. I think that is a type of passion that stays with someone forever. I welcome it and I wish that I could celebrate this passion more often. My main desire is to develop a decent collection of artwork for my home some day. The trouble with that dream presently is that I live in a tiny studio, it is not a permanent home and I have a hard time affording essentials, let alone pieces of art. Bum deal. I guess that explains why I'm still recovering from the fit of jealousy I had with my sister Erin when she showed me the two pieces of artwork she received from Gallery D for her Christmas present. Erin fell in love with two of Dodson's pieces at an art festival and was thrilled to receive them as a gift. What a great present! ("Kinetic Interlude" was one of the paintings she received).

I can't decide if she was being thoughtful or rubbing it in my face a little bit more, but Erin sent me a link for Gallery D's new website yesterday and I am hooked. I really love that the collections are categorized in warm and cool colors. She opted for warm color scheme, but I've always loved the serenity of cool colors. You wouldn't know it from our personalities though -- joking!

Dodson refers to his style as "visual music" and says, “Like listening to good music, I want everyone to visually enjoy my work. Everywhere you look you see contrast and to put them into a harmonious result is my challenge.” Love that.

These are a few of my favorites, but take a look at the site for yourself...

Moonwater 2 30"x40"
Black Thistle 30"x40"
Dance Company 30"x40"
Steel Magnolias 46"x48"
Urban Examination 30x40
The Recital 30"x40"

The Dancers collection would look so cute in a little girls' bedroom.

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