renegade rundown

This past Saturday I made it to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago & man, was it awesome! Things like this are so up my alley. I spent a couple hours browsing the tents at Renegade & saw some great stuff. As you can probably tell from my collection below, I really gravitated towards the jewelry.

Here are some of my favorite artists...

I tried my best not to be an impulsive & walk away with business cards instead of items, but I couldn't pass up this Trading Post necklace. I love the way it hangs & I love the teeny-tiny circular locket.

Thief & Bandit

These bracelets & necklaces were awesome. I was so tempted to walk away with this bright necklace for one of my upcoming concerts. I didn't see the scarves at Renegade, but I love this black & white look.

These golden birch holders made the perfect candle holders & vases. I would love to scatter some around my apartment.

Paz Sintes

This was probably my favorite shop of them all. I love the way the delicate lace was turned into jewelry. This black bracelet particularly caught my eye. It's officially been lust listed.

Ryan Kapp
I unknowingly posted one of Ryan's prints on my blog the day before the craft fair & was pleasantly surprised to see the rest of his work. I love this set of the seasons, particularly Winter. I hate the season, but I love the grey tones.

Georgia Varidakis Jewlery
Another jewelry shop that I couldn't walk away from. I'm really craving the tooth necklace. It reminds me of my Dad (the dentist).

These birch coasters really caught my eye. I love the lace-like patterns & they were super affordable. I think these would make such a cute gift.

Miki & Nora
This necklace totally grabbed my attention, but upon further review it was fairly heavy & I thought it might be a safety hazard for a klutz like me. Loved this shop though!

Peggy Skemp
These heart lockets were totally cool/creepy & definitely drew in a crowd. I really like this necklace with holes as well.

Hip Huts
So much fun! I was thankful that I didn't have a little one with me that day, because there's not way I would have made it home without one of these adorable teepee's.

...and I can't leave out The Prick Cushion. Sheesh!

Thanks, Renegade. You were awesome!

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