a little bit of luck

Autre Ne Veut - "Play By Play"

I've never really considered myself a lucky person, but over the last couple of years I sure have hit the jackpot in terms of free concert tickets. Granted, I understand that in most instances these shows are having trouble selling + most people that enter to win actually do win. It still is nice though, so it was pretty cool when Schuba's informed me yesterday that I won tickets to see Autre Ne Veut on Saturday. I guess it evens out a bit though because I often find myself buying 2 tickets in order to bribe someone to come along with me to shows they've never heard of before. I'll still take it.

Anyone else a fan of Autre Ne Veut? To be completely candid, I've only really really listened to his music a few times before yesterday. It got a pretty solid 8.5 rating from Pitchfork + I've liked what I've heard so far, so it should make for a decent show.

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