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My old school Mac laptop is on the fritz + I don't think it's destined to last much longer on this earth. I'm getting a bit greedy here, but I really want one of these beauties to replace it...
But this can't happen anytime soon due to logistical + financial reasons. Honestly, I can't do much financially since I bought my monster TV. I do, however, worry that I'm going to be computerless in a few short months + that's just not something I can't handle. I'm kind of obsessed with the new iPad mini + that would totally fulfill my need to tweet, pin, like, + browse while lounging on the sofa. Plus, I always have my work laptop if needed (although I try to avoid bringing that home, when possible).

My biggest concern is blogging (how lame am I). I'm really hoping that if I just use my old laptop to blog then it may last a little bit longer for me. I also knock out a lot of my blogs on the weekend for the full week, so I could just bring my work laptop home on the weekends.

I'd love to know though, are any of you iPad only users at home? Do you ever wish you had gone with a laptop? And what holds you back the most? I haven't totally sold myself on this iPad mini/iMac combo, but damn those things are pretty...

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