sleepy inspirations

There are a few things seriously wrong with this room, namely the wall color, but this is about the closest I've seen to my dream bedroom makeover. This is another project that will likely be put on hold until Summer (shocker), but the coloring of the bedding is spot on with what I hope to achieve. The only change is that I'd swap the sheet color to dark grey + the duvet color to white.

I'm kind of loving this $40 duvet from Ikea too. I'll definitely check it out in person next time I'm there. I was actually pretty surprised by how soft most of the bedding at Ikea was, especially when it's all at such a great price.

As for my freakout over furniture color? I think I actually want to go with a nice, natural walnut color. I absolutely love this Mid-Century bed frame from West Elm, but I'm not a huge fan of the matching dresser + side tables. I might have to see those in person too.

I'm really loving this color palette. None of that girly crap...


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