i was there : passion pit

Show: Passion Pit
Matt + Kim

Location: UIC Pavillion

Date: 2.22.13

Favorite Song: Matt + Kim covered Alice DeeJay's "Do You Think You're Better Off Alone?" + it was fantastic.

Memorable Moment: I always hold my breath a little bit as Michael Angelakos performs, but he + the rest of the guys were great + seemed to be having a legit good time on stage. The crowd this night was massive (more than their crowd at Lollapalooza for sure) + they kept the energy up throughout the set. 

Biggest Letdown: The first 30 minutes or so were a nasty reminder of how much I hate stadium shows. I kind of felt like I was at Wrigley Field stuck in one of those seats behind a giant pole. But instead of getting my entertainment from watching drunk bros get kicked out of the ballpark, I was looking for kids sparking up in the crowd below + waiting to see if they'd get caught or not. The night did improve, I just don't like seeing musicians in giant venues after already seeing them multiple times in very intimate spaces. Also, I don't think I'll ever get to hear Passion Pit perform "Cuddle Fuddle" + that makes me sad.

This Show: Made me happy to see Passion Pit + Matt + Kim doing so well for themselves in such a short period of time. They're both great live performers + deserve their success.

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