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Back in December a very generous vendor through work gave each person on our team a $200 gift card Saks. I was going to be a good girl + spend it on something I actually really needed, like pots + pans (yes, Saks sells those), but a bit of time has passed + the devil on my shoulder is now convincing me that I should treat myself to a little something something. In my defense, I have been very thrifty lately + can't really remember the last time I really indulged in something that didn't come in the form of food. I also ran out of my regular perfume a few months back so I do kind of need this.

In the past I would never think to splurge on perfume or candles, but I blame the new Diptyque store that popped up on Damen Ave. I haven't actually been in yet, but it looks so pretty + I've read great things online about their scents. I plan to take a little gander in there to lock down on a candle + perfume scent that I like so I can then order online from Saks.
As a bonus, there's a special promo offer with Diptyque at Saks right now -- spend $120 on Diptyque products + get a deluxe size Volutes purse spray + a Pomander mini votive when you enter DIPTIQUE4 at checkout. 

Ps. THIS is what I'm eyeing for my next scent.

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