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One of the strangest things about living in Chicago is that you move around a lot. Few people really settle in their twenties + beyond because there are so many interesting neighborhoods to explore. I've moved three times in the past four years to three very different apartments. While I personally find this to be fun + exciting it does pose some concerns when it comes time to purchase furniture for your temporary home. Just because it fits in + looks good currently will it be that way in my next home?

These are things I lose sleep over. Seriously.
Several of the key pieces in my apartment are white. I struggled a lot with this decision. White furniture can sometimes look cheep + childish. I just couldn't commit long term to a specific wood stain so I felt like white was a safe choice in that sense. It works well with all colors + any type of flooring. Perfect for whatever new apartment I might land in.

One thing I especially love about white furniture is how good it looks against against dark walls. Such great contrast.
On the other hand, I also really love how clean + airy a room can look with white furniture + white walls.

When I have a more permanent home I'll likely mix up a few of the rooms with darker wood furniture but at least I'm confident I'm buying pieces that can be used in other rooms as well + still look nice.


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