i was there || yeezus

Show: Yeezus
Kendrick Lamar

Location: United Center

Date: 12.18.16

Favorite Song: I preferred the first half of the show when he performed most of his newer songs. Strangely enough, "I Am a God" stood out as one of my favorites from the night. It's a bit dark, I like the reggae aspects, plus it features God + croissants. It translated pretty well live. Honorable mention goes to "Hold My Liquor". I really like that song.

Memorable Moment: It was pretty incredible to see the crowd go nuts over one note on a piano but that's exactly what happened as Kanye went into "Runaway". I also thought it was super cool to see the audience light up during "All of the Lights" which I tried to capture in the photo above.

Biggest Letdown: I wanted to vomit every time Kanye spoke instead of performed. He has clearly gotten where he is due to his unique character traits but I hate his arrogance. I also kind of checked out a bit towards the end of the show. I'm a bigger fan of his newer music as opposed to his older stuff.

This Show: was such an emotional roller coaster. So much love. So much hate. I'm glad I went but it was a very long show + I think that may be the last hip hop show I attend. You go for the theatrics, not the sound quality + that's not really my thing. Yeezus is crazy though. He's definitely an entertainer + I respect him as much as I hate him.

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