small but suitable

I've had some pretty teeny apartments in Chicago but I can't even imagine what I'd be dealing with in a place like Manhattan. Manhattanites Sam + Stephanie Wessner see their tiny apartment as a place to make a big impact with unique pieces.
The one nice thing about small spaces is that they really encourage you to edit down. If there's no space for junk you won't keep buying it. My current home isn't huge by any means but I've found myself falling into the trap of buying "junk."
Grace from Design*Sponge wrote a great post yesterday about mindfulness, especially when it comes to buying things for your home. She had a rocky period in life which resulted in buying more + more items for her home that she didn't really need. Sounds like someone I know. Her new resolution was to never but something without a precise need + purpose for it. I have a feeling that the Wessner's have a similar mantra.
I'm going to give that strategy a try as well. My home is in a pretty great place at the moment + there's not much more that I "need." I'm going to make one more Ikea run + eventually buy a cowhide rug for under my dining table, but after that I'm going to try to call it quits for a bit + be happy with what I have.

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