i was there || darkside

Show: Darkside
High Water

Location: Metro

Date: 1.17.14

Favorite Song: There are few songs that actually make me feel sexy + there are even fewer that make me feel as sexy as "Metatron" does. I don't know what it is about that song but it just makes you feel tingly + good. The live performance did just that.

Memorable Moment: This was the first show of 2014 I was really excited about. Two great performers, one unique sound, a packed Metro. The setup + lighting weren't bad either. All seemed perfect with the musical gods that night.

Biggest Letdown: I went to this show expecting the Pitchfork Paris set + sadly that is not what I got. When they performed their songs it was great but there was a lot of down time in between songs when they just lost some of the energy + momentum. I wish they could have kept that energy up a bit more because they didn't seem to struggle with that during the Pitchfork set. My friend read an article where they claimed to occasionally have "off" nights where the more jammy portions just didn't go as well as they both had hoped. I got the feeling that this was one of those nights.

This Show: Nico Jaar did an interview a couple months back explaining his relationship with David Harrington, the other half of Darkside. He said: "You only get lucky a few times. You get lucky like once every five years. You meet someone who you can speak the same language with + you can play music together + it just works. It's easy." I 100% agree that Jaar + Harrington have something special going on. I'm looking forward to many more albums + many more live shows that only get better as their relationship continues.

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