A month ago I wrote about the best thing I did in 2013. It's a bit premature, but I'm going to go ahead + say that the best thing I did in 2014 was become an aunt to my perfect little niece, Addy.

Like puppies, I love babies. I would say that I can't wait to be a mom but I can very much wait for that day to happen. In the meantime I'm thrilled that I have a little nugget to love + cradle + then give back to her mom + dad when she starts crying or needs a diaper change.

Only joking.

I've babysat plenty of families over the years but there is something totally different when it's family + when this baby comes from the big brother that treated you so well growing up. It's special + I love her so much. I can't wait to see what kind of tiny person she turns out to be. It's already been amazing seeing the changes that can happen just within one month. This little girl is something special.
The other great thing about being an aunt to her? Shopping for adorable clothes. I might be alone in this but I really love more gender neutral clothing so I went with these items below for Addy's first Christmas present: A snowsuit with little ears because I hate the thought of her being cold. Red moccasins because oh my god. And a white + red (not shown) headband in case she's feeling girly.

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