i was there

When I said that yesterday was a good mail day I wasn't kidding.
I did something I've been thinking about doing for a long time. I made a book of all my I Was There posts from 2013. If it isn't obvious enough I'm all about memories. My digital I Was There series is one of the best things I've ever done. It makes me proud + now I have it in a physical form.
I made this book through Artifact Uprising. Artifact Uprising is great. I've purchases several of their products + have been super pleased with the results. The site is really easy to use as well + they even have a mobile app so you can pull photos right from your phone or Instagram account.
Previous years are a bit more scarce in terms of photos taken at shows but I plan I to go back + make a book for 2012 + prior if possible. This is one of my favorite possessions.

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