Earlier this week I got to design my very own custom Nike's. Have you ever done it? It's a pretty fun but somewhat stressful process. I prefer to do all of my shopping alone so that I can take the time I need to think about my options. This was a bit hard for me when I had a sale associate over my shoulder telling me to go with pink (my least favorite color). I know he meant well, it's just not how I operate.

Here's where I netted out:
It's so not me but I felt like this was a good opportunity to do something different. I generally like my choices but of course as soon as I got home I redesigned one I might like more. I'll wait the four weeks until they actually get delivered so I can see them in person before I make up my mind. The good thing about Nike is that if you don't like your shoes you can start over + they'll donate your old pair to charity. So maybe it's in everyone's best interest if I pick my second option. 

What do you think?

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