i did it

I keep telling myself that I'm going to treat myself to something nice once I finally pay off my credit card. Every time I feel so close to finally having it paid off I seem to get hit with another charge. It's quite frustrating. But guys, this time I did it. I am debt free. Damn that feels good to say.

I made some stupid decisions over the years including but not limited to: refusing to have roommates, trying to keep up socially with a now ex boyfriend who made more money than me, obsessive collecting (books, vinyl, furnishings), + thinking that a pay bump was right on the horizon. I keep telling myself that most everyone has to go through this at some point in their lives so lesson learned. Time to do better moving forward.

I won't bore you with the details but essentially I paid off my credit card in almost exactly two years. Sometimes I would get so close + then have another big investment that would put me in debt more + more. I have very diligently kept a Google doc with all of my finances, bills, etc + broken out bi-monthly (based on when I was getting paychecks). Unless you do freelance work you probably have fairly repetitive charges each month (rent, gym membership, cable, utilities, etc).

This was my progress over the years:

I should mention that my anxiety also peaked around Spring of 2012. Debt is no fun.

But here I am! Debt free + ready to celebrate. I've had the same wish list for quite a while now + I think I'm finally ready to make a dent in things.

I used to go to hot yoga at a minimum of three times a week. It was my sole form of exercise + I absolutely loved it. I decided I needed more cardio in my life + since hot yoga was so expensive I took a bit of a hiatus. The physical benefits were obviously great but the mental benefits were just as good. I kind of need those again so I'm making it a priority to do hot yoga at least once a week moving forward.

Record Player
I've been collecting records over the past three years (I have 60+) yet I don't have a record player. This may not be very logical but I've been holding out to get a nice once. I've debated a million times over just getting an affordable Crosley but the reviews are always awful. I want this to be a good investment. I would like one in both my living room + my bedroom though so maybe I'll start with a Crosley + then work my way to a fancier version. Some people like to turn on the TV when they're home alone but I prefer music. I'm tired of these albums just sitting on the shelf.

Cowhide Rug
My apartment is pretty much fully furnished at this point. The one main thing left is a rug for beneath my dining table. The table is round + it's a bit of an awkward space so I think asymmetry of a cowhide rug will work best. I've seen these used well in many situations so I think this will be a good investment. You can get some pretty affordable cowhide rugs too.

My goal is to have a matching set of earrings, a necklace, + a ring that I can wear almost every day by the end of 2014. I've got my eye on these three beauties from Catbird. I'll probably start with the earrings + necklace first. I never have gotten used to wearing rings so I'm a little worried about that.

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  1. I'll go record player shopping with you.

    1. Thanks. I value your expertise. But where does one go shopping for a record player besides the internet?

    2. Musicdirect is based in Chicago and can visit their store (huge online catalog). Decibel audio on Milwaukee. Audio consultants in the west loop. Saturday music exchange on Belmont. Lots of places ;)