i was there || nightmares on wax

Show: Nightmares On Wax
Woo Park

Location: Concord Music Hall

Date: 7.3.14

Favorite Song: I preferred the more soulful tunes like "Les Nuits" + "Morse" best.

Memorable Moment: I got to the show a little on the early side but didn't mind checking out one of the openers, Woo Park. This Chicago band was pretty enjoyable + the lead singer had some serious pipes on her. I'm glad I was introduced to them + I assume I will start to recognize their name around the Chicago music scene a bit more moving forward.

Biggest Letdown: This show was a little more hip hop than I anticipated so I guess that is the one thing I didn't love. My white catholic school girl side of me always creeps up with me when I listen to live hip hop. I assume that is just the main difference between a live Nightmares On Wax set versus a DJ set. Totally fine, just not necessarily my favorite.

This Show: Once the crowd filled in a bit it turned into a pretty enjoyable show. The music was a bit hit + miss for me personally but everyone there seemed into it. I would definitely be interested in seeing a DJ set now to compare.

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