i was there || troy pierce

Show: Troy Pierce

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 7.25.14

Memorable Moment: Long island iced teas are super necessary at Smart Bar after you've been drinking since 3pm. They make for some good/questionable selfies at the very least.

Biggest Letdown: I always say how great + non-creepy Smart Bar typically is but unfortunately this night got a little weird. There were at least three instances of dudes that made me feel pretty uncomfortable. None of them stepped over boundaries, just got pretty lurky. I wish women didn't have to go through that. You don't want to have to put your guard up when everyone is having a good time.

This Show: was a good ass time. I hadn't been to Smart in over a month + honestly started to miss that place. I really wasn't familiar with Troy Pierce at all but he delivered. Everyone was dancing + having a great time.

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