thanks babe

Last Friday I went wedding dress shopping with my sister at BHLDN. First of all, I am obsessed with their bridal fitting room -- the wallpaper, the lighting, the rug, the mirror. Everything in there was perfect. My sister also found two really great dress options.

One of the greatest things she has ever done for me as a sister is to not require me to wear any sort of bridesmaid dress since she isn't even having a wedding party. I still thought she might have some opinions on what I should wear but based on our discussion last week it sounds like I have pretty free reign to choose any dress I want.

Originally I thought I might go the Rent the Runway route since I don't have any other events coming up. I kind of hated the thought of purchasing a dress for one event since my size, taste, etc could change by the time the next formal event rolls around. But then I found this beauty:
Basic color? Check. Seasonally neutral? Check. Flattering to most any figure? Check.

I am waiting for it to arrive but I feel pretty good with this purchase from Reformation. I think it's got a lot of life to it + you can always spice it up with accessories. I'll probably get a scarf of some sort for the ceremony. I'm also eyeing some new jewelry to make it more me. Specifically the Changeling NecklaceKitten Mitten, both in yellow gold. My only concern is how awkward my bow-leggedness will look.

Ps. One of my favorite things about purchasing this dress was the "Thanks Babe" confirmation email.

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