i was there || phish

Show: Phish

Location: Northerly Island

Date: 7.19.14

Favorite Song: I did recognize a few more songs than I expected for having not listened to Phish in years. I was also given a heads up that "Harry Hood" would be a memorable one + it definitely did not disappoint. Holy glow stick wars.

Memorable Moment: Phish is such a crazy phenomenon to me. Everyone seems to know everyone from traveling to shows together + most seem way more into the music than most concerts I go to. And I go to a lot. I made a comment to a buddy that you could teach classes on Phish. His response? "Oh yeah my buddy got a grant to follow + research Phish." Of course he did.

Biggest Letdown: I don't think set breaks will ever not be weird to me. Those puppies last fairly long too. It also got a little weird when people started to get super phishy during certain songs. Luckily a few of my friends were moderately sane with me.

This Show: was a good opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone. I was a little bummed to leave Pitchfork early but I'm glad I went. Phish's three night run always falls on the same weekend of Pitchfork + every year I think about going to Phish at least one night. Glad my friends all convinced me to make it happen this year. I'm probably good on Phish shows for a little while now though.

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