greetings from your blogger

I usually like to start new blogs with a little bit of background information on myself, so here it goes...

I'm a dirty little fun haver and I love being 23 years old and  living in Lincoln Park (Chicago)! I work in Internet marketing and I love fashion, sports, design, music, food, art, trying new things and puppies...to name a few. I currently have one other blog, Your Brand Broke My Clutter, that covers topics relating to marketing. I CONSTANTLY browse the web and blogs for new information on the things that interest me. I save alot of this data on my desktop, but thought "Hey! Why not share it!". So here it is.

Please anticipate extreme randomness and please feel free to share your own information as well! Happy reading!
...Oh! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @coconnell1 if you just can't get enough of me.

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