i was there : north coast music festival (friday)

Mord Fustang
Knife Party
Milk N Cookies
Gemini Club

Location: Union Park

Date: 8.31.12

Favorite Song: Well "Scheme" by STS9 would be the obvious choice, but I also enjoyed "Internet Friends" by Knife Party. Those songs definitely got the crowds going.

Memorable Moment: One of the highlights of my night was the Silent Disco at the Groupon Stage with Gemini Club + Milk N Cookies. It was something a little different than all of the other festivals, plus they were both throwing down some great tunes. I was regularly switching back from channel 1 to channel 2 on my headphones.

Biggest Letdown: Aside from STS9, I really wasn't too excited about Friday's lineup. I wish I had made it in time for Auto Body, because (STS9 aside) most of the day was pretty "meh" for me.

This Show: has definitely gotten younger + weirder. My parental skills definitely wanted to kick in as a saw all of the little babies puking their guts out + flaunting their ass cheeks. NCMF has come a long way since it began 3 years ago. While I get a kick out of these little freaks, I do kind of miss the days of a bit more normalcy.

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