i was there : north coast music festival (saturday)

Future Rock
Tommy Trash
The Rapture
Girl Talk

Location: Union Park

Date: 9.1.12

Favorite Song: I really enjoyed the set by The Rapture + "How Deep Is Your Love" was pretty great. It's kind of hard to call out a specific Girl Talk song, but even more than the songs themselves, I just love Gregg Gillis' ability to amp up the crowd throughout the entire set.

Memorable Moment: Today was a fun day with good friends + one too many shots/spiked sangrias.

Biggest Letdown: Maybe I could have done with one less shot or spiked sangria because I got pretty drunk that night. Some parts of the night are a bit hazy.

This Show: Ending a night with Girl Talk is always going to ensure a good night. You couldn't help walking away from the night in a great mood.

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