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This past Friday I took a personal day to finally make that trip out to Ikea, the most magical place in the world. I put off this trip a couple of times partially because of money, but mostly because I had a major fear of having to drive there myself. Ridiculous, I know, but I've never been a big fan of driving + especially not to places I'm unfamiliar with. I'm pretty proud of myself for overcoming my anxiety + getting there with no issues. Yay me!

To me, walking into Ikea feels like walking into the gates of heaven. This place is three gigantic floors of possibility + love the feeling I get as I sort through the different items. I did a whole lot of looking, but I really came here for one specific mission -- I needed more closet space. I mentioned my awful storage situation before, but with cooler weather hitting Chicago, I really needed a place to hang my coats.

To solve this issue, I needed a few things: a clothing rack, shoe storage, + screen to hide the mess. I've got a few more finishing touches to do, but below is the result...
This is such an improvement from the mess that was there below + it is totally functional. I want to get a new rug + add some artwork, but I think this should definitely do the trick until I move again.

I somewhat behaved myself at Ikea, but there were a few more items I wanted to get: a new coffee table, sheepskins for my dining room chairs, boxes + more boxes, plus some great decorative sticks. I moved my bulky, old coffee table underneath the clothes rack to add some additional shoe storage. It's all working out really well.

I feel like my apartment is coming together more + more, but there are definitely a few more finishing touches I'd like to make before I fully share the place. To be honest, I keep moving this process along + along, but I think it could be another year (+ at least one more Ikea trip) before I really feel great about things. I think that's why I love this challenge so much, there are always things that can be done to make it look nicer. Imagine how I'll feel when I have a whole house to put together.

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