i was there : purity ring

Show: Purity Ring

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 9.16.12

Favorite Song: "Obedear" forever.

Memorable Moment: Those paper-mâché light up balloons definitely added a bit of whimsy that was missing at the Schubas show. Very cool addition to the tour.

Biggest Letdown: I don't really have a legit letdown because they performed really well & did everything exactly as expected. After seeing them now 3 times in a 2 month period I am starting to want a bit more & am anxious to see what their junior album will bring. Personally, I want a little bit more of the unexpected. One reason I like the song "Grandloves" so much is because it features Young Magic & disrupts the sameness of the rest of the album. More of that, pretty please!

This Show: Was the best performance I have seen by Purity Ring. I definitely credit a lot of that to Lincoln Hall having such great acoustics. & man, was it packed that night!

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