at the flea market

One of my favorite Instagrammers, Jennifer Harrison (aka fleamarketfab), was recently featured in a well deserved post on Design*Sponge. I've been admiring her individual Instagrams for a little while but it was nice to see the whole home in one place. I feel like our aesthetics + color palettes are very similar. I just wish I knew how to thrift as well as she does. I also love how she brings color into her home (something I'm scared of) with beautiful rugs.
Coincidentally enough, I had been exchanging emails back + forth with Janelle of All Roads Market to get my very own wall hanging, similar to the one above, but the process was a bit strange + I wasn't totally convinced I wanted to invest that money just yet. I'm going to hold off on the time being.
My other favorite thing about Jennifer's home? It's filled with foster pups! She recently had five at one point (my dream) so clearly she is a personal hero. I'm actually kind of amazed that she can keep her home so put together with that many critters.
See more photos of this beatiful  HERE.

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