chet faker || cigarettes + chocolate

I'll share more about my trip to San Francisco later but one of my favorite places I visited during that trip was a really awesome wine + beer bar called The Social Study. I had a feeling I'd like the spot as soon as I saw the lofted dj decks + soundproof ceiling.

The wine was good + although the music was a little all over the place I enjoyed that as well. They started a bit more ambient + then moved into Eminem, OutKast, etc. One song stuck out to me so I did some detective work (read: Shazam) + found out it was "Cigarette's + Chocolate" from Chet Faker's 2012 album Thinking in Textures.

I've been listening to his stuff pretty non-stop since then + am a big fan. Conveniently enough he'll be at Lincoln Hall on May 20th so I snagged myself a ticket. Join me!

I'm also a big fan of "1998" from his new album Built on Glass.

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