death to footwear

Every once in a while I find myself wandering into American Eagle when I make a trip to West Elm in Lincoln Park. I was never an avid AE fan but as an adult I've come to learn that they still have some fairly cute clothes + pretty much always have incredible deals. Little did I know that the same applies for their shoes.

I ended up getting targeted with one of their ads + ended up buying the three pairs above for under $200. (Hey guys! My job works sometimes!) A few of these are sold out already but they still have some super cute + affordable shoes on the site. As I was writing this post I just ordered two more sandals for under $60. 

Just wanted to share the knowledge. Living in Chicago I walk everywhere. Which means my shoes die relatively fast. It always pained me to spend $$$ on shoes only for them to be ruined after a season. I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in a very long time so now I'm feeling like I'm set for a while.

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