i was there || warpaint

Show: Warpaint

Location: Metro

Date: 3.29.14

Favorite Song: I don't know if it necessarily is my favorite Warpaint song but I did love the way "Billie Holiday" sounded live. I'm familiar with most all of their songs but there really wans't one song I was hoping to hear live. This one stood out among the rest. They also described it as "sweet + stalkery" which is pretty much me to a T, so no wonder I liked it.

Memorable Moment: One of the members was getting a bit sassy with the sound guy. It didn't seem too serious but some of the faces + gestures made me laugh a bit.

Biggest Letdown: No real letdowns. If anything I wish I had been listening to them much longer than I have. They're still a newer-to-me band but right up my alley.

This Show: I mean I pretty much turn lesbo for a couple hours every time I see an all chick band. Not quite, but I think it's just about the coolest thing ever. Maybe in my next life I'll play the bass or drums...

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