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Show: Tycho

Location: Concord Music Hall

Date: 4.10.14

Favorite Song: I really love "Montana" from the new album Awake. When those drums kicked in at the concert it was a beautiful thing.

Memorable Moment: This was surprisingly my first visit to Concord Music Hall + I was super impressed (minus the shortage of tonic for my cocktails). The size, layout, vibe, everything was done really really well. It's a great addition for Chicago's music scene. I hope to be back for many more shows. Also, Tycho's drummer is a machine. Very cool to see that.

Biggest Letdown: This was a strange show. They sounded great live but I just didn't want to be there for the whole set. I'm not sure if it was boredom or if I just wasn't in the right mood for Tycho but I left about an hour into their set.

This Show: Like I mentioned above it was a little strange, but overall music sounded great, I was in good company + I got to check out a really cool new venue. The night was not a loss.

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