i was there || scuba

Show: Scuba

Location: Spy Bar

Date: 4.19.14

Favorite Song: I didn't stay long enough to catch anything I recognized but overall the music was spot on.

Memorable Moment: Scuba is probably one of the better looking producers out there so that is never a bad thing to stand in the crowd + take in.

Biggest Letdown: I went to Spy Bar totally sober. Big mistake. The crowd wasn't totally awful (minus the dude that stood so close to me when he talked that I could taste his breath. Gross.) but just not an environment I wanted to stay in. I managed to last for about an hour + then made my way back home.

This Show: I was still on west coast time + wide awake so I'm glad I went. I was bummed I missed him when he played Smart Bar about two years ago so I had to make up for it. Unfortunately the venue wasn't so great.

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