i was there || snowmine + small black

Show: Small Black

Location: Schubas

Date: 4.6.14

Favorite Song: I made an ill-timed bathroom break but did manage to catch a good amount of "Columbus" from Snowmine. That song will be big one day. Get on it people.

Memorable Moment: Snowmine had a great set start to finish. They had a very Local Natives/Grizzly Bear type sound + the lead singer had a crazy good voice. It's not often that I'm super impressed with openers but these guys are good. They'll be headlining in no time.

Biggest Letdown: That awkward moment when the opening act is way better than the headliner. Small Black wasn't bad per se. They were just different + that kind of different started to bore me towards the middle of the show. I will give them points for the lead singer being a phenomenal dancer though. 

This Show: was recommended to me by a new friend. We went together with an old friend I hadn't seen in a while. GOOD new music with new + old friends is my cup of tea. Overall a good feelings kind of night. It inspires me to check out more shows. (As if I'm not already seeing enough).

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