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Show: Arcade Fire

Location: United Center

Date: 8.26.14

Favorite Song: There wasn't one song in particular, just bits from a few that I love so much. "Here Comes the Night Time" at the 1:44 + 3:04 marks. "The Suburbs" at 2:44. "Afterlife" at 3:03. "Haiti" at 0:50 (also, was this song really released 10 years ago?). "Sprawl II" at 1:55. I also wasn't sure I was going to get to hear "It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus)" but it's one of my favorites from Reflektor + translated pretty well live.

Memorable Moment: As much as I love music I'm not the fan girl that has to be front + center at shows. I arrived at the United Center about five minutes prior to show time + still got a ridiculously close spot. The floor was actually very spacious + I only saw one almost fight. The environment contributed to a very fun experience. I don't think I've ever been so unconscious of my dance moves either. I'm talking spirit fingers, air drums, you name it. Overall it was pretty euphoric.

Biggest Letdown: I took it personally that they did not play "Porno" for me. I was probably looking forward to that song the most. Otherwise not many other complaints. There were minor technical issues at the beginning + I could have done without "Joan of Art" but otherwise it was perfect.

This Show: Kind of reminded me of of the 10.25.10 LCD Soundsystem show at Aragon. I went. I had a great time. I wanted more. Amazingly enough night two of LCD Soundsystem's final run at The Riviera was not sold out yet so I snagged myself a ticket for that show as well. Well kids, that same impulse hit me this morning + I bought myself a ticket for Arcade Fire tonight too. This first show was so good but there are still several other songs I am hoping to hear. Floor tickets (the only way to go) are still available for night two of Arcade Fire + totally worth the money.
It's just the after life...

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