i was there || robyn + royksopp

Show: Robyn + Royksopp

Location: Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Date: 8.24.14

Favorite Song: Aside from the obvious "What Else Is There," "Call Your Girlfriend," + "Dancing On My Own" Robyn also played this new song presumably called "Love Is Free" that had a pretty funky beat to it. It is definitely a song that I wouldn't mind dancing to in a dark club.

Memorable Moment: "We've got two drummers + a sax player. Fuck your band!" - Royksopp

Biggest Letdown: I have a love/hate relationship with Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It is lovely + the sound is great but it really didn't work for a show like this. Everyone should be up + dancing to Robyn + Royksopp (I wasn't either). I also know they they were all absolutely killing it on stage but I saw none of it. Another kinda letdown was that I went to this show knowing exactly what the setlist was going to be. It helped me know when I should get there, but generally I don't recommend ever losing that element of surprise if you don't need to.

This Show: Was more emotional than I expected. I'm not going through a breakup (that would have been bad) but I am going through life. Robyn has a way of hitting those sensitive spots. Specifically, she addresses the isolation that everyone feels at one point or another in their life. It makes her shows both wonderful + also kind of awful at the same time.

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