i was there || lollapalooza

Show: Lollapalooza
Iggy Azalea
Blood Orange
Above + Beyond
Broke Bells
Lykke Li
Martin Garrix
Chase + Status
Jenny Lewis
Cut Copy

Location: Grant Park

Date: 8.1.14-8.2.14

Favorite Song: "Howling At the Moon" by Phantogram. Hands down.

Memorable Moment: Blood Orange put on another great show. Phantogram was my favorite set of the festival. Outkast was great + super fun. I also got applauded twice (twice!) after leaving the port-a-potty for peeing so quickly. It was a proud moment.

Biggest Letdown: I spent way more time at Perry's than I should have. I had to meet some friends + tried to make the most of it but that stage is everything I hate with society. There were literally medical crews waiting in the crowds with stretchers. Awful. Icing on the cake was that Perry's was the only place I had cellphone reception. Also, blisters on the bottom of my feet, elbow to the boob, + someone knocking over the blueberry bratwurst I never got a chance to eat.

This Show: I had no intention of going to Lollapalooza. Last year I did five nights of after shows only + it was perfect. That was exactly what I intended to do this year too but I got offered a free pass this year + couldn't say no. Lollapalooza is one of those anomalies. You want to be there because everyone goes + you don't want to miss out. But the lineup isn't that exciting + everything + everyone is awful once you get there. I've come to the conclusion that pretty much everyone worth seeing either does an after show or comes back to tour in the Fall so there aren't really any reasons to go if you are a music fan. Leave Lollapalooza for the people with horrible taste that think they're cool because they spend one weekend of their year submersed in music.

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