i was there || orchard lounge + friends

Show: Orchard Lounge + Friends

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 8.2.14

Memorable Moment: One week before this I was at one of the better house parties I have ever been to. I heard all of these "friends" + more play all night long. I just remember thinking "do people really have house parties like this with people this talented spinning? Why are they not playing in a club?" Then I got to talk with them + they were all pretty cool to boot. Sure enough, they got their opportunity + I'm glad I got to see part of it. You could tell that they were so ecstatic. I was ecstatic for them + I don't even know them that well! Very very cool moment that they will likely remember forever. (They didn't over shadow Bethany though. She commands those decks).

Biggest Letdown: I had a good time but I had a ticket for Flume that I wasn't going to miss out on.

This Show: was like the appetizer before the main course. Friday I learned my lesson when I passed out between Lollapalooza + the DFA Residency at Smart bar that I never was able to make it to. I had a few hours to kill before Flume went on at Concord Music Hall so Smart Bar was a perfect option. I got my energy right back up + heard some good tunes in the process.

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