i was there || flume

Show: Flume

Location: Concord Music Hall

Date: 8.2.14

Favorite Song: Opening the show with "Drop the Game" (Chet Faker) followed by "Tennis Courts" (Lorde) was more than I could have hoped for.

Memorable Moment: A year ago I said that he needed to mature + I definitely saw some progress at this show. I felt proud of him. I still think he's got some more progress to make + I would still love to see him with some kind of live instrument component.

Biggest Letdown: I caught most of his set but ended up leaving early as Lollapalooza got the best of me. I left his show early last time too so not that big of a letdown.

This Show: was a good Lollapalooza after party option. Finally I got to see him in a good venue on a reasonable night of the week. It wasn't the most mind blowing show I have ever seen but definitely overall good.

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