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I seemed to have developed a tradition of posting one outfit selfie per year. The outfit from last year was actually pretty similar as well (just swapped) but here I want to highlight this super amazing skirt I ordered from Novella Royale's Fall collection. This isn't my first love affair with Novella Royale. I bought a pair of their Janis Bells last year + got loads of compliments when I wore them to Pitchfork + Phish this Summer.

Their Fall collection is unreal though. There are so many things I wanted to order but unfortunately these items are a little pricey. I thought I would get the most wear out of this skirt but here are some other pieces I am totally eyeing.

 These items have gone fast so most of the good ones are already sold out. They are a little bit on the expensive side but they are totally unique + extremely comfortable to wear so it's worth checking back to the site frequently.

Ps. I'm not totally sold on the top in my photo above. I like the thought of a crop top but it appears as though my chest has gotten a little bigger recently. Whoops! I am so awkward with selfies...

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