i was there || blood orange

Show: Blood Orange

Location: Empty Bottle

Date: 7.31.14

Favorite Song: "Uncle Ace" was definitely the funkiest so that is good enough for me.

Memorable Moment: We walked in probably 30 minutes before Blood Orange was supposed to start (so not super early) + my friend makes a comment along the lines of "Look at these fucking hipsters. No one wants to stand in the front." So we did. We snagged a pretty decent spot towards the front + had a great view of the stellar performance.

Biggest Letdown: This show was HOT. Which isn't the worst thing in the world. I did feel bad for the cute little Erykah Badu type babe on stage sweating through her shirt though.

This Show: Was possibly the best show I've seen of 2014 (it's a close tie with Chet Faker + The Knife). If it wasn't the best show then I can definitely say that Dev Hynes is the best modern day guitarist I have ever seen. One thing you get from the live shows that isn't necessarily represented well enough in the album is how good his guitar solos are. Hynes + his seven person entourage were super impressive + I am thrilled that I got to seem them in such an intimate setting.

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