i was there || sbtrkt


Location: The Riviera

Date: 10.23.14

Favorite Song: Chicago was the lucky guinea pig + got to hear the the LIVE version of his already awesome remix of Radiohead's "Lotus Flower." Those extra little live components really went a long way.

Memorable Moment: Having your back on a crowd is typically frowned upon but in this instance it was actually kind of cool. SBTRKT had some of his equipment behind him so for parts of the show you actually got to see him work his magic. Also, these shows are a total must for percussion lovers + I just happen to fall into that category.

Biggest Letdown: It is unfortunate that so much of the vocals are recording + poor quality at that. I'm not sure if the blame for that falls on the The Riviera's sound system or SBTRKT himself but the first couple songs started pretty rough. I did appreciate him doing some of the vocals on "New Dorp. New York." though.

This Show: I'll start off by saying this was an all around weird night. There must have been a full moon or something so I partially blame that too. This show was odd. The openers were weird. The crowd was sparse, but okay. Some songs worked + some songs didn't. Namely, SBTRKT, the 2011 self-titled album worked + the newly released Wonder Where We Land did not. I'll start off by saying that I do very much like Wonder Where We Land even though many people have met it with mixed reviews. My favorite songs from that album translated horribly live + the one track I don't really love ("New Dorp. New York.") was actually the best live. His old stuff truly shined this night + I am sure that's why the songs from that album were predominantly featured. Overall, good show. SBTRKT is a unique experience + totally worth seeing.

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