i was there || decibel day three

Show: Decibel Festival
Simian Mobile Disco
Marcel Dettmann

Location: EMP Sky Church + Q Nightclub

Date: 9.26.14

Memorable Moment: I have surprisingly never seen Simian Mobile Disco before even though I had intended to on several occasions in Chicago. Things happened, it never worked out. I am glad that I got to save that experience for the Sky Church. Honestly, it wasn't my favorite set of the week but I can't imagine seeing these guys anywhere more exciting than this.

Biggest Letdown: This night was kind of off + I blame Seattle's liquor laws. Everyone was pretty psyched for late nights with Steffi + Marcel Dettman but I don't think any of us were aware that all bars stop serving at 2am + this party was going until 7am. As a result, there were a lot of heavily drugged out creeps in the crowd + I never got my drunken energy I was so hoping to rely on. In fact, I went to the bar pretty sober. I would have planned my night very differently if I knew these were the circumstances I was walking into.

This Show: Was pretty unfortunate. Most of the people I encountered in Seattle were perfectly fine + chill but the crowd at Q Nightclub was the worst. They were lurky + relentless + as a result I had my guard up the whole night. There is nothing worse for a chick interested in seeing good music. That being said, Steffi was pretty legit. I would love to check her out again under different circumstances.

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