i was there || odesza

Show: Odesza

Location: Bottom Lounge

Date: 10.10.14

Favorite Song: I suppose "Say My Name" was the most memorable.

Memorable Moment: They did have their moments on stage where they just seemed very in sync with one another which was fairly cool. They say that twins sometimes can feel what each other is feeling. It seemed like something along those lines.

Biggest Letdown: I should have known when about 10+ bros hit me up for me early ticket that this might be a questionable show + crowd. Hell, it was a questionable night. Odesza was okay. Really there wasn't a whole lot memorable about this performance in my opinion.

This Show: Falls in the same category as Tycho for me. There music is not bad, but the live shows just don't really do a whole lot for me. I grabbed a ticket not knowing a ton about their music. I'm still glad I went, but not the type of show you need to stick around for the whole set.

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