i was there || decibel day four

Show: Decibel Festival
Shadow Child

Location: EMP Museum + The Showbox

Date: 9.27.14

Memorable Moment: I read a really great quote about Lindstrom's set this night -- "Like a sunset over the Grand Canyon, or seeing a unicorn, Lindstrom arrived, blew our minds, then disappeared." Lindstrom was so damn cute in his little cute hat with his long lanky arms. He put on such a fun show + Norwegian disco is just the absolute best. Every song was great. Some were greater than others, but none was greater than "Love Sick". I pretty much never record songs at shows but this one was so worth it. Those chords at the beginning are so sexy. I have said it about five times since this night but I'll say it again -- Chicago needs a Norway night with Lindstrom + Todd Terje. I would love to see the two of them go at it. 

Biggest Letdown: I kind of wish I rallied for KiNK at Q this night but I was riding solo this night + couldn't really bear the thought of going to Q alone late night.

This Show: Was totally Christine does Seattle night. Shadow Child + Lindstrom were both great decisions for the + I love that Seattle is a place you can just wander around on your own (with the exception of Q Nightclub) + feel totally fine. I debated going the Ritchie Hawtin + Friends route at the Sky Church but I heard it was totally packed. The Showbox was a really cool venue as well.

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