i was there || banks

Show: Banks

Location: Metro

Date: 10.7.14

Favorite Song: "Waiting Game" was the first song of hers that I heard earlier this year that turned me on to her music + it wasn't that horrible live. She mostly sang it + it does have slightly dramatic instrumentals. I'll let that one slide.

Memorable Moment: There was the most adorable + cool new mommy in the crowd rocking an approximately five month old nugget in a Baby Bjorn with massive noise cancelling headphones on. The little dude was so passed out + it was honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen. This lady was kind of my hero.

Biggest Letdown: I felt like I got catfished. Banks was awful. She might have a good voice but she either lacks the confidence to really show it or just hides behind recording + auto tune. Honestly, I was most disappointed in myself though. I rarely attend shows where the artists are low quality but I saw very little talent this night. I should have spotted it sooner.

This Show: Was clearly a disappointment. I mean kudos to Banks for getting so far in life on pretty looks + an airy voice but girl, you have no talent. I'm not typically one to make assumptions but Lillian Rose Banks sounds like a chick whose mommy + daddy had fat wallets + spoiled her rotten in their OC mansion. On the plus side, Movement, the opener was actually pretty good. One of their songs had a very Jai Paul "Jasmine" sound to it. I also learned during Banks' riveting performance that if you rearrange the letters and swap the "B" for another "S" + "K" you get "SKANKS." Real fun show.

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