seasonally impaired

October is here, leaves are falling. Naturally, I have landscaping on my mind. Naturally.

I have never lived in an apartment with any kind of outdoor space which is a bummer because I do love plants + I like to think that I would take the time to make my outside look as nice as my inside. My siblings are both real adults now + have both purchased homes in the past year. Unlike their better halves, they both are quite fixated on how to improve their outdoor spaces. I am going to assume that this trait runs in the family.

white wisteria | black mulch | dusty miller | black mondo grass | white hydrangeas

So here I am, thinking about landscaping on a chill almost October night. I know my aesthetic. I know the colors (or lack thereof) that I'm drawn to. I want a yard of my own.

Now I don't know for certain that these plants of my dreams will actually work in the climate I live in when I do eventually have a yard, but here are a few lawns I am definitely admiring:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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