i was there || decibel day five

Show: Decibel Music Festival
Deru + Effix

Location: The Crocodile + Q Nightclub

Date: 9.28.14

Memorable Moment: I missed the Tensnake show in Chicago because I didn't want to to subject myself to Spy Bar. I almost did the same thing in  Seattle with Q but decided 10:45pm on a Sunday probably wouldn't be that awful. And it wasn't. I very much enjoyed Tensnake's latest album as well as his recent Essential Mix so I'm glad I could check that box.

Biggest Letdown: I guess my biggest complaint is that Decibel didn't really end out with a "bang," but after five days of partying that isn't necessarily the worst thing.

This Show: I didn't really have many plans this day so I headed to The Crocodile to start out the night since I liked it so much on Thursday. At the very least I figured the crowd would not be obnoxious. I knew very about the Friends of Friends artists but that has never stopped me before. I'm glad + went + I'm glad I checked out Tensnake. All that + I was back in the hotel by midnight. Not bad.

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