i was there || decibel day one

Show: Decibel Festival

Location: Re-Bar + Q Nightclub

Date: 9.24.14

Memorable Moment: There is always something special about getting to check out a new venue in a new city. Night one I was most impressed with Re-Bar + Rrose's set. Re-Bar is kind of a shit hole but in the best way possible, The DJ deck, which you can somewhat see in the photo above, is just a suspended table covered with a table clothe. The bathroom didn't really have doors + the drinks were dirt cheap. Aside from the very strong dirty hippy smell, I thought it was pretty perfect. Rrose definitely had a very unique + entrancing performance. She also accomplished quite a bit in just a one hour set. 

Biggest Letdown: Despite having the most impressive Funktion One setup I have ever seen or heard, Q Nightclub wasn't my scene + the performances that night were pretty meh. I also ended up playing babysitter which wasn't at all how I planned to start my vacation. On to night two, please. 

This Show: Definitely confirmed my excitement in Decibel. This festival + its layout is unlike any fest I have ever experienced before. I love that all of the shows are later + I love that each venue has it's own unique character + crowd. I love that Seattle is so small + accessible.

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