Over the weekend I watched the documentary "Babies" & it was absolutely wonderful! There is almost no dialogue & I swear to you, I was laughing hysterically one minute & crying the next throughout the whole hour & 18 minutes. I highly recommend watching it sometime. It really offers a great glimpse at how different life is around the world.
Some things I learned:
  • All babies look good in stripes & legwarmers

  • This book is a must
  • You can't force a cat to go for a walk
  • Mongolian babies dress like miniature hipsters
  • My mom isn't the only one that swears by Johnny Jumpers
  • Changing diapers may be gross, but it's better than cleaning urine off of a bed (Mongolia) or feces off of your knee (Namibia)
  • Moms in Tokyo are very stylish
  • Baby & animal interaction is hilarious
  • Older brothers can be quite cruel (Oh wait, I already knew that one!)

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