I think as a parent you probably want to turn your little kiddo into your mini-me to some capacity. I guess the important part is to not go over-board, but I saw little bits of this from my parents growing up. It's no coincidence that to this day I love to read & my favorite sport is baseball. I can thank mom for the former & dad for the latter.

When it comes to kids & interests, there are some interests that can't be avoided. Enter: Disney.

I was pretty thrilled to come across the song "Wishery" by Pogo to keep in my back pocket until the day that I get to brainwash my own children with my parental propaganda. 

Pogo is an electonica artist that spent years working with Disney & now has quite a collection of remixes formed from samples from Disney movies that are paired with a few extra beats. Some of his works include "Toyz Noize" (Toy Story), "Expialidocious" (Mary Poppins), "Alice" (Alice in Wonderland), & "White Magic" (Sword in the Stone). The songs are still filled with the whimsy of Disney, but are also more my speed. Who am I kidding? I kind of love them all.

Take a listen to his take on Snow White & the Seven Dwarves:

What do you think -- is this something a parent could ever pull off? Maybe if the music videos were involved...

In all seriousness though, Joslyn at Simple Lovely has a great post about how to help your children develop their own interests.


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